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The geolocation of goods and people

The Global Positioning System is a technological equipment allowing to locate in real time any object or person equipped with satellite coverage.

Need to locate your vehicles and containers in real time? With GPS geolocation solutions you have total control over all your vehicles. In addition we propose to locate your personnel of the ambulance, courier, carrier ... we offer you a customized geolocation system that will adapt to the problems of your trade by increasing your return. With our GPS geolocation solutions, you will always have a mission in advance. Our "Satellite" and "GSM" geolocation tags are equipped with an integrated GPS system.

Fuel tracker

Our telematics solution for the fuel management of tanks includes high quality equipment and materials associated with the most reliable and secure software. It combines a tracking and monitoring system of any incident on the fuel level of your generator or tank and data transmission service to the web portal in real time.

The solution is defined in three stages:
- The monitoring
- The detection
- The evaluation
Once the investment is available and the price of fuel theft climbing ever higher, the costs for the module are usually covered after Months.

Access control

Access control is a technique which consists in subjecting the entrance of an establishment or of premises within an undertaking to an authorization of access. This authorization of access is intended to protect Persons, property or information. It may be addressed to:

- To company staff or only to visitors and suppliers.
- To certain staff members for certain sensitive places (offices, studies, computer rooms, ...).
- Manage your staff

Akanet security offers multiple access control. Combining high quality equipment and advanced technology:
- Access cards (magnetic and electromagnetic)
- The physiological characteristics of a person (fingerprints)
- High-height turnstiles for control; Very secure for access to sensitive sites or without. Especially outside.
- The Turnstiles Tripod for access control; Pedestrian sites and public transport. Can they be used as a meter or device by integrating badge readers, or biometric readers.

Parking management system

The entry is the business card for your business. Make an easy and convenient parking for your guests so they want to come back again and again. Provide excellent service without adding new employees. Reliable barriers for your parking customers, no limit to your ideas! The intelligent functions of Barrier Gate. This also applies to paid car parks to sell parking spaces and other services for automobiles.

Thus, the parking management system provides a simple and cost-effective way of managing access to the car park and controlling access to validity periods. In short, increase attractiveness, sales and profits. We offer a modular solution for a variety of parking management applications, from simple car parks control to complete parking management and / or payment systems.


Device to remotely monitor premises, property and people you want to protect, video surveillance consists of one or more CCTV cameras that captures images and transmits them to the monitor or recorder. The CCTV monitor is the CCTV screen, displaying live or recorded images. This screen can also be a television or a PC.

We use the high-end technology IP video surveillance using a camera connected to a computer network that processes the images captured by the cameras. The images can be viewed from anywhere in the world thanks to an Internet connection (on PC, PDA ...).

Securing documents

From the securing of printed documents such as visa labels, driver’s licenses, vehicle registration certificates, civil status certificates, certificates of ownership, licenses, notary forms, diplomas, certificates of registration Companies, forms of judgment, medical forms and prescriptions, checks, parking tickets, quality and certificates of compliance with electronic document management.

Integrated Track & Trace systems for the protection of national markets for counterfeit and contraband products as well as software applications for track & trace marking of goods.

From the supply of secure materials (printing, secure numbering, application of holograms and hot stamping sheets, software development), as well as supplying materials for the security printing market (paper Security, holograms, laminates, taggants, etc.)

Printing solutions

Governments in the perspective of providing secure documents, it ‘s obvious that digital identity is by far the best way to fight fraud. The issuance of digital national documents through biometric technology, including biometric identity cards, biometric driver’s licenses and biometric passports, was not limited to the domain but also to other sectors.

Akanet Security offers you secure and secure digital ID solutions ranging from the design and delivery of complex solutions for organizing, issuing and supplying identity documents (electronic passports, identity cards ), As well as personalization equipment and identification cards (military, police, refugees, students, insurance card, health card, technical check, vehicle registration card, residence card).

Electronic payment

In today’s rapid changing business environment , internet and mobile technology have become a part of everyday life for some in the developing world especially in Africa. Mobile technologies are changing economic life in Africa, where many people are using cell phones for a range of financial transactions, such as receiving and sending money transfers. Indeed, mobile money is already being used by banks and mobile network operators to provide millions of unbanked consumers a way to store and access money digitally.

Electronic payment through mobile phone,application,POS are becoming the common way of payment for banked and unbanked in some part of Africa .Through his network of hardware and software suppliers ,Akanet Security is engaged in the implementation of digital financial trasanctions for mobile operators, Banks and Microfinance in Burundi.

IT security

Certainly the physical security of companies is essential for the protection of its information system, its infrastructures and its personnel against any external threat but also the computer security comes to protect the internal network of the information system against all the potential threats. Therefore, physical and computer security are indissociably from each other and are essential elements of the security of the information system. They make it possible to optimize the security of the systems as well as their progress.

With the development of internet (fixed and mobile) and connected devices, IT security has become a critical issue for all businesses of all sizes. Companies are regularly targeted for threats to their IT resources. Hackers may attempt to steal sensitive data using specific software or try to destroy that same data by introducing viruses into the company’s system.

Therefore, AKANET SECURITY guarantees you an effective and reliable protection of your computer park by the access management of computer systems (servers, data centers, etc.), the protection of all information systems (antivirus and firewall) as well as backing up your data.

Software Solutions

Akanet Security is your strategic partner in terms of designing and implementing tailor-made software solutions that are efficient, effective and secure, regardless of the size or scope of your business. We offer customized solutions developed either internally or by our various partners from the largest publishers in the market to increase the performance of your company.
Whatever your industry, whether you are updating your technologies, improving your systems or developing a more intuitive website, our team can provide you with the tools, technologies and expertise to develop and implement innovative solutions.

The software installed and configured by our teams are adapted to your business applications and meet your security challenges, mobility and customer service optimization.